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Museum Hotel in Italy: the Artists of The Alexander Museum Palace Hotel

The Count Alessandro-F. Marcucci Pinoli di Valfesina, owner of the Alexander Art Hotel in Pesaro, the first of those artists, received the “Premio Rotondi Arca dell’Arte 2010” an important contemporary award.

Artists such as Enzo Cucchi, Mimmo Paladino and Sandro Chia, to name just a few, have made their contribution to create this "permanent performance", as the owner, Count Alexander - Ferruccio Marcucci Pinoli di Valfesina - Nani to his friends - calls it. The Count is a very unusual and eclectic personality - a writer, poet , sculptor and leading figure in the cultural life of Pesaro.

Every single detail in all the rooms and reception areas is the work of a different artist, from the 15 - metre - high landmark stone at the entrance, to the doors of the guest rooms, each one a work of art in itself and different from all the others.

Nine floors of dynamic contemporary art, that make the Alexander an experimental workshop for new forms of expression in painting, sculpture, video art and all the other creative ingenuity can conceive.

The hotel, which is completely white, is introduced by a 15 - metre - high landmark " stale " stone, created by Enzo Cucchi. It has 63 rooms created by 75 artists. The outdoor project has been directed by architect Marco Tamino, who participated in the restyling work on Rome's Termini station.

"Nani's Games"